Bounty Program

Earn up 25% by referring buyers

How does the bounty program work?
You can earn up to 25% of the total sale price by referring buyers. Example: Your referral buys an NFT with a bounty 10% for 1000 XLM and you receive 100 XLM (10% of the total sale price) as a claimable balance. You will have 7 days after the sale to claim your bounty. If you fail to claim your bounty then the seller can claim it.
Attention! To receive bounty reward the selling price of an item must be at least 10 * 0.5 base reserve = 5 XLM.
How do I earn bounties?
First, go to general settings and check "Show Bounty Program Information" and press "Update" button. Then, find an NFT to refer.
Once you've selected an NFT that you believe you can find a buyer for, navigate to its page. You will see "Bounty Information" with your referral link.
When a buyer enters StellarNFT through your referral link, StellarNFT will automatically detect it and for the next 30 days you will receive a bounty on every item the buyer purchases.